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Announcement and Alert

Recently we have received feedback from many customers that they encountered a fraud site called DELITERON. Here’s our announcement: Our site has nothing to do with Deliteron and we are a legitimate company. Most importantly Deliteron stole our video (“customein” watermark still in the video) to promote, which caused negative influences on our site. They have induced vicious competition. We have reported the copyright infringement to Facebook and now their Fan Page and website were both shut down

We want to alert you that sites like Deliteron could change their names and establish a new site. These scam companies are shameless thieves and never send the package. They sell at dog cheap price only to steal people’s money. Please note that we have no affiliation with them.

To know whether you can get the right thing on an unknown site, here are some tips to help you identifty its creditability:

  • It is not possible that the price of mats would be under $100;
  • It is not possible that one manufacturer can handle all car models for the model differs in countries and years. At Customein, you could consult us via messenger, and we will respond to you as soon as we see your message;
  • The custom manufacturing normally takes nearly 10 days for the delivery varies from different countries;
  • As for the payment, you could pay with credit card or PayPal. If you have any problem with your payment, you could either call Credit Card Company or file a dispute with PayPal. Your payment is secured.

    Here we also attached details of the making of our mats:

    Thanks for your interest and you could shop on our site with no concerns.

    Here are the proofs of infringement report: